The rules of The Social Network Personalized Services

Placing all announcements is free.

The aim of this website is to develop mutual help and relationships.

The administration of this website takes no responsibility for the content and quality of the goods and services offered via this service. Thus please carefully consider what kind of goods and services you expect. It is strongly recommended that you make personal contact with the person who placed the announcement before entering into an agreement and/or making payment.

The announcements are posted on the website after a two-step process of verification:

  1. confirming of the authenticity of the email address,

  2. checking that the content of the announcement is in accordance with the purposes and goals of this website’s service.

We reserve the right to cancel or not post any announcement if, in our opinion, it doesn’t correspond with the goals of the service.

Should you wish to cancel your announcement any time after submitting it, please contact us at:
Please use the facility to add an expiry date to your announcement to indicate when the information will no longer be valid. Please use this option carefully so that only valid announcements appear on the website.

If you are interested in supporting this service, donations are greatly appreciated.
Please donate to bank account 22 1240 4461 1111 0000 4661 4070
Your donations will allow us to maintain and continue to develop our ideas for everyone’s benefit.

Thank you.

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